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Undelete a file with Recuva on Windows

Recuva is used here for this trick, it is a free software which can easily be found on Google. See install a software.

For this to be successful, you must proceed without delay, since your file can only be undeleted until something else overwrites it. For the same reason, it is also desirable to copy the restored files to another disk drive or a USB stick.

  1. Open Recuva and click on Next.
  2. Choose the file type of the file you want to recover and click Next.
  3. Choose where the location where the file was located. If your file could have been in the Recycle Bin, click Recycle Bin. You will be able to start over with another folder if you don't get results.
  4. If your previous searches failed, you can check Enable Deep Scan. This option gives you a few more chances to succeed, however the scan will be very long. Click on Start.
  5. Recovered files appear, select each file you want to recover and click on Recover..
  6. Choose the folder where you want to copy the recovered files.

If you still don't get any reasults, it might be useful to search the file in case it was only moved somewhere else. It is also possible to try to recover a file with photorec that will do a very deep and long algorithmic scan and give you good chances to succeed