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Test memory

The memory is a computer chip on which software read and write data when they are active. When it is defect, the following problems might appear :

The PC doesn't boot anymore

The little light of your PC is on, indicating that it is started but your PC only make a "beep" sound or crash while it starts, not necessary everytime.

The PC or the softwares crash

And you get any kind of error messages, blue screen of death (BSOD) and else.. Some softwares won't open or crash while you use them.

For the next steps, you will need to download and burn UBCD on a CD (it can be found for free on Internet).

  1. Boot your computer on UBCD.
  2. With the arrow and Enter keys of your keyboard, choose Memory.
  3. Choose Memtest86+ V4.10.
  4. Monitor the test until Pass column increase to 1, which indicates that the test completed at least once. If a red line appears, it's because the memory is defect. If the PC reboot or stop without warning, it's because it overheated and you CPU, your memory, your motherboard or your Power supply is defect. The only way to be 100% to identify the source of the problem is to repeat the test by transferring each suspect part one by one on another healty computer. (see also replace CPU).