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Test CPU

The CPU can be compared to the brain of a PC. When it stops working correctly, following problems might appear :

Computer doesn't boot anymore 

The little light of your PC is on, indicating that it is started but absolutely nothing appears on the screen. In this case, diagnostic can only be made by installing the CPU on another tested PC to confirm if the problem persist.

Computer shut down or restart without warning.

And while it happens, you don't see any error message. The computer just acts like nothing happened. Perhaps that the CPU is overheating and that it is not defect. Sometime, simply removing dust from the CPU fan or changing the thermal grease may fix the problem without fees!

For the next steps, you will need to download and burn UBCD on a CD (it can be found for free on Internet).

  1. Boot your computer on UBCD.
  2. With the arrow and Enter keys of your keyboard, choose CPU.
  3. Choose CPU Burn-in.
  4. Watch the test during at least 15 minutes. If any error is displayed, your CPU or your memory is defect. If your computer stops or restart, your CPU or your motherboard or power supply is defect. The only way to be 100% sure that the CPU is the only cause of the problem is to repeat the test on that CPU on another (healty) computer (see also replace CPU).