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Replace your CPU

The CPU is the part that has the bigger influence on the speed of a computer (see improve PC performances). Replacing it can be a easy operation with enough concentration.

Be prepared

You need to have thermal grease and to know the following subjects :

Computer parts (soon)

  1. Open the computer case (generally by removing 2 screws behind it).
  2. Unplug and remove the CPU fan (there is generally 4 screws to remove).
  3. Remove the radiator (many different mecanisms exist to make it stay in place, you must observe to understand the trick. Sometime it's levers that need to be released with a screwdriver, sometime it's just a few screws to remove or other simple things. )
  4. Release the lever that keeps the CPU locked in place.
  5. Replace the CPU.
  6. Add some thermal grease, just enough so it covers the whole surface of the CPU under the pression of the radiator without exageration to avoid harmful accumulation. In most cases, the size of a little pea is enough.
  7. Put back the radiator and the fan in place (well plugged into the motherboard).
  8. Boot the computer and test your CPU to make sure that it works well.