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Remove useless softwares

Uninstalling useless softwares is an excellent idea! However how can we know what to delete and how to proceed?

Uninstall a software

Before all, see uninstall a software to know how to show and remove any software installed on your PC.

Verify the utility of a software

If you see unknown softwares, a simple trick is to open these softwares to see if they can be of any utility for you. Most of time, importants softwares for your PC are impossible to find and open, you can then only keep those.

Softwares that slow down..

Softwares that are permanently in activity can slow down your PC more than any other. We can identify these problematic softwares with this trick : they show in the notification bar (generally in the bottom right corner of the screen). Antivirus for instance have serious impact of performances. See protect from virus if you think about uninstalling your antivirus, a few security tips and tricks can be enough to make an antivirus useless.