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Recover data

You need to have a external hard drive, a USB stick, or any other mass storage device that have enough space to save what you want to recover.

Undelete a file

These tricks require you to act quickly because the risks that those files are overwritten by other files and data increase with time.

Recover a file from a unbootable PC

You should start by checking if your hard drive is defect. If that is the case, proceed with the next title instead. Otherwise, no matter what PC or file system you have on your PC, you can recover files with Ubuntu (soon).

Recover data from defect hard drive

You should do a complete backup of your hard drive with ddrescue. This trick can be used to clone your hard drive in order to replace it or to recover files with testdisk or photorec from the backup without any emergency. It is also possible to skip this step and use testdisk directly on a failed hard drive if you have a very few files to recover.

Keep in mind that a defect hard drive can regress in a very short time. It is essential not to waste one minute while the hard drive is powered with any tricks that do not succeed.