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Protect a PC from virus

First of all, if you use a computer with Mac or Ubuntu, you can almost stop your reading.. They are so well designed both for the security of the distribution of software that viruses are still myth yet. However, that does not mean there will not be an increase in virus for these systems over years. By cons, if you use Windows, then this will probably by very useful:

There are only two ways of getting infected :

  1. Blunder : Infecting your PC inadvertently.
  2. Vulnerability: Malfunctioning software will allow a virus to enter in secret.

There are three rules to prevent any virus infection:

Never allow or install

And that unless you have absolute confidence in the source asking for your approval. Especially if you browse the Internet and you are asked your permission (Run, Open, Download, Allow, Install). The rule also applies to suspicious emails you may receive. Nothing you don't know deserve your trust. If you follow this rule, you eliminate the first source of virus infections.





Updates are important to install for all programs, especially web browsers. This greatly reduces the number of vulnerabilities in your computer. It is recommended to uninstall programs you no longer use. Using Google Chrome instead of Internet Explorer is highly recommended to make your web browsing safer. By following this rule, you eliminate the source of infection # 2.

Antivirus, firewall and router

These tools should be used as a substitute protection since first two rules might one day being neglected. They only offer you a little more insurance to face unexpected events even if your computer security will always depend more on yourself than anything else. Antivirus software that you will keep up to date is recommended. A firewall and / or a router are secondary.

Antivirus role is to detect and neutralize viruses before they can install on your computer. Unless its presence slows down your computer, there is no real reason to despise antivirus as good free antivirus exists, Avast for instance. Another antivirus we recommend but that is not free is Kaspersky.

Firewall role is to block Internet connections that you do not allow. You need a minimum of computer knowledge to use a firewall because it will ask you what to allow and what to block. A basic firewall is already built into Windows.

The router is a device that allows you to connect multiple computers simultaneously to the Internet on the same place. In addition to this feature, it creates a whole wall between the Internet and your computer. Your computer only receive connections it asks for.