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Popular bugs

Here are a few common bugs and some tips to fix them.

PC is slow

Performances are covered in more details in the section improve performances. In short, it is good to verify that the computer is not infected by a virus or parasite, that the hard drive has no bad sectors and there is not too much software installed.

Pop-up advertisements are displayed

It is in fact parasites (spyware, adware). Very unpleasant intruders can often be cleaned with software designed for this use are well described in the remove virus section.

Freeze, shutdown or reboot

When the computer shuts down, freezes or restarts without warning, it can be attributed to a hardware failure, overheating or a problem with the power supply, motherboard, processor or the graphics card. This problem is discussed in repair a PC section.

Blue screen error on Windows

The "blue screen of death" (BSOD) actually means that Windows encounter a serious problem, see blue error screen on Windows to fix get tricks to fix this kind of problems.

No connection, page not found

In other words, this message means you have no Internet connection. See repair Internet connection.