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Organize files and folders

In the real world, you must manage your document in a clear way otherwise you will pay the consequences later on your precious time.

Computer is no exception, even if you can neglect things a little bit more since you can deleguate many tasks to the computer such as searching in your documents or display them in a specific order (chronological, alphabetical..)

For this, there is at least two approach :

The organization of files by subjects

(see also files and folders to create / move / delete files)

The way you can organize your folders is not different from the real world either. The best way is to classify your files and folders by topics. As an example, a folder named work for your CV and invoices folders, another for your family photos, etc. Use whatever name sounds the most logical to you so you will be able to find any file easily in the future.

Searching files

(See also search a file)

Provided that you always give a pertinent name to each file you have, you can ask the computer to do a search for you in all your files and folders. The speed of this task will depend on the quantity of files contained in your PC. In most cases, it doesn't take more than one minute before the computer find what you were searching for and also designate where it was.

Actions on your files

Here is how to manipulate files and folders in order to accomplish what is written above.
If some terms such as "drag and drop" are unknown to you, see the mouse and the keyboard.

Browse a folder
Open a file
Create a file
Create a folder
Move a file
Copy a file
Rename a file
Delete a file
Search a file
Select many files