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Using a mouse

Despite the mouse being a part of everyones life since decades, many people still have questions on how they can use it.

Left click

The left mouse button is undoubtedly the most used because it allows you to choose from what is displayed on the screen. For example, click on a message you want to read, a document you want to open and edit..

Left click means choosing.

Right click

The right mouse button is misunderstood by most. Nevertheless the principle is very simple: no matter where you hit the right side, you will get a menu with more options related to what you clicked on. For example, just right click on an email and you will have many options and actions that ou can apply to the message. On mac logo Mac, some mouses don't have right-click, it is necessary in this case to hold down Control key on the keyboard while clicking to get the same result.

Right-clicking means having more options.

Mouse wheel

In many cases, what a screen displays is by far higher than the size of the screen itself, therefore you should be able to see the rest of the page. This is exactly what mouse wheel is intended for.

The mouse wheel means moving inside a page.

Some basic tricks


Drag and Drop