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Our opinion and description of Mac

Like Ubuntu, Mac OS X is fairly full-featured from the start. Except for office, it is almost complete for itself and it is an elegant and enjoyable system. However, expensive and pretty controlled.

Target customers

The rumors that Mac is simpler is almost all based. Mac is the ideal system for people who do not want to break their heads and are looking for comfort.. and who can afford it. There is a question of personnality as Mac OS X is very clean and sober. It is often the choice of graphic designers and artists because most softwares related to multimedia are often compatible with Mac. All software is not Mac compatible and you have to buy a computer made by Apple to get Mac, which is already an eloquent illustration of how it is also a highly controlled by its parent company.


It is difficult to find a more polished interface than Mac OS X, every detail seems to have been designed to the millimeter. Apple also used to surprise its users with "revolutions" and many intuitive concepts at will. Mac was the first system to use a dock (a great bar where the software is readily available) that Ubuntu and Windows have imitated with some differences in the implementation. Many rules of design and how applications interact with Mac make this system extremely consistent and intuitive. Changing the settings is just so easy and computer becomes a real pleasure. The universal searchbar, the way windows are managed, these are all details that are useful everydays.


Since Apple refuses to make Mac compatible with anything else than its own computers, then we can say that this system is extremely limited on this point unlike Ubuntu and Windows. By cons, being older and having gained a degree of user interest, there is sometimes a mention on the packaging of products that are compatible with Mac.


Mac includes comprehensive and carefully selected softwares to meet the most common needs, from emails to the management of photos up to video editing. It only lacks a good text software to be sufficient to itself !


Although this is beginning to be questioned since the appearance of some virus on Mac, it remains largely protected to viruses and other security issues by design along with Ubuntu. However, do not trust Mac blindly, as many security holes have been discovered over years. Fortunately, the security updates are quick and security in general is well designed from the start.


Mac can be commended for its exemplary performance and stability. This is also reflected by the fact that Mac only works on computers sold by Apple .. which are expensive and very fast .. But this is not the only reason because Mac is developed with an eye for detail that has much impact on the final result. Everything is fluid, fast and stable.