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Using a keyboard

As you might expect, the keyboard is used for much more than just typing letters. Without going into finer details, it is necessary to demystify the presence of so many keys. 

To continue, take this keyboard as an example (click on the picture for larger view). But first of all, if you get wrong characters on the screen when you type, for example if you get a Z when you type a W, see change keyboard language.


The most important key is the one that let you tap a character on the screen. The keyboard has all the numbers, letters and signs. These keys work when you are in a context where text entry is possible, for example when writing a document or email.


To access uppercase letters, it is needed to press and hold on the Shift key (the key between Caps Lock. And Ctrl) and type chosen letter. Or you can press Caps Lock once and as long as you do not press that key again, all your letters will be capitalized.

The keypad on the right

The keypad on the right is not on every keyboard, especially on laptops. Its role is nothing more than giving access to numbers like a calculator. Do not forget to press "Num Lock" key otherwise the keypad does not work.

Accents and special characters

The keys that perform actions

Consult keys that perform actions