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Install Mac OS X

First of all, you should be able to boot your PC with the Mac OS X bootable CD that you purchased or that came with your iMac or macBook. Mac OS X can only be installed on a Apple branded computer.

Careful, installing an operating system also means erasing everything on a computer and start with a fresh install. You will lose your documents if you reinstall without backing up of your PC.

The following steps represent the installation of one Mac OS X version, but if you plan to install other versions, the process will be the same with some unimportant differences.

  1. Insert your Mac OS X CD in your drive and shut down your PC.
  2. Start your computer on the Mac OS X CD.
  3. Choose your language and click on the arrow to continue.
  4. Click on Continue.
  5. The licence agreement is shown, click on Agree.
  6. Click on Utilities and then on Disk Utility...
  7. Click on the disk or the partition on which you want to install Mac OS X and in the Erase tab, type the name that you want to give to this volume and click on Erase... Once done, close the windows with the red X in the top left corner. 
  8. Click on the disk where you want to install Mac OS X and click on Install.
  9. The installation continues, you computer will be ready to use in a moment..