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How to have a Bitcoin wallet

Having a Bitcoin wallet is free and easy. And it is possible to choose among a few approachs to fits each usage.

Getting a online Bitcoin wallet

The faster and most simple way to get a free Bitcoin wallet is to use an online service such as Blockchain or Coinbase. These services work the same way as paypal or any online bank.

A online Bitcoin wallet offers the great advantage of being accessible from many computers in addition to be associated with various services such as direct bank transfers in the case of Coinbase. This approach also helps to avoid the trouble of having to protect a wallet against any kind of computer problems, including viruses, file deletion or thefts.

Getting a Bitcoin wallet on mobile

A mobile wallet allows to pay and get paid in a even easier way than what credit cards can ever offer. Simply by scanning the QR code displayed on the phone of a friend or a merchant is enough to let you safely do a payment with or without the use of a password. A mobile wallet is really a way to replace a full wallet. And even more, since it can also pay remotely for free. To also have a protection in case of mobile theft or loss, mobile applications such as Blockchain can be used with an online account.

Getting a Bitcoin wallet installed in a computer

Having Bitcoin software installed on a computer allows to use Bitcoin in a fully autonomous and independent way. Without relying on any bank or organization. And at the same time, it also provides access to more advanced tasks such as Bitcoin mining. However, it also means more responsibility in protecting the Bitcoin wallet. For example, by securing the computer, doing a backup of the wallet and by encrypting the wallet with a password.

How to get my first Bitcoins

Various exchange services allow online currency exchange with Bitcoin. Coinbase also allows direct withdrawal in bank accounts established in the U.S. with the same simplicity as paypal. And plans to expand its offer. It is also possible to gain some Bitcoins with Bitcoin mining. Despite the market being today highly competitive. Accessibility to trade with Bitcoin is increasing with years.