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Create an invoice with Gnucash

You can both create a new invoice for a customer or a vendor. And while you create the invoice, you can also apply a taxation table that you've already created so you can collect taxes on that invoice.

Incomes, expenses and incoming / outgoing taxes are automatically added as a transaction in accounts you have created for that purpose so you can generate detailed reports later!

  1. Click on Business / (Customer or vendor) / New invoice...
  2. Select the customer or vendor your want and click OK.
  3. Fill informations on the invoice, you can create more than one line by using the Enter key on your keyboard.
  4. Click on the "Post this invoice" icon at the top when you want to invoice to appear in your accounts and reports.


Date : The date of purchase
Description : At your wish.
Account : The account that will receive the transaction (incoming for customer, expense for vendor)
Unit price : The price of the item or service purchased.
Taxable : Should the product or service be taxed?
Taxes included : Does the price already includes taxes (it will be subtracted)
Tax table : The tax you want to apply, see create a tax table

It is possible to define which tax tables should always be applied to your vendor or customer invoices if you click on File / Properties in the Business tab.