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File system

The file system is what allows the computer to organize its data and give you access to your files and folders. It is so essential that without it, the system would simply not work.

File systems types

For the final user, the file system that is in use by the computer is invisible. There are several file system, Windows uses NTFS, Ubuntu uses EXT4 and Mac uses HFS++, however only Ubuntu can claim to be compatible and able to use all these file systems.

We must also mention FAT32 that is still very used today on external hard drives, USB sticks, camera cards.. It is however a very old and limited file system, but simple and the only one that is compatible with both Windows Mac and Ubuntu.


A file system is always hidden in a partition that allows to split a hard disk into separate sections. It is posible to modify the partitions and file systems with softwares such as Gparted that can be found in Ubuntu.


No matter what is the file system, the disk space is what defines how many files you can store.

Directory tree

The file system allows to have files and folders that are organized in a directory tree.