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File types

There is a lot of file types. Each time you open a file, your computer check what is its type and verify if it has a software capable of opening the file.

Proprietary VS open formats

Proprietary formats should be avoided whenever possible because they are designed in the trade secret, which is detrimental to free competition and will make you depend on a monopoly. Softwares who wish to skip this barrier must invest enormous resources to do so. LibreOffice is a prime example because it had to move winds and tides in order to be compatible with Microsoft Word, on which we all sadly depends.

Unfortunately, it is clear that these formats are still common for the same reason they should be avoided : when the blunder is made, it can be incredibly difficult to go back.

File formats

By categories

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.7z - Archive
.aac Audio
.asf - Video
.avi - Video
.csv - Document Spreadsheet
.doc - Document Text
.docx - Document Text
.flac - Audio
.flv - Video
.gz - Archive 
.iso - Disk image
.mov - Video
.mpg - Video
.mp3 - Audio
.odp - Document Presentation
.ods - Document Spreadsheet
.odt - Document Text
.ogg - Video
.pdf - Document Text
.pps - Document Presentation
.ppsx - Document Presentation
.psd - Image
.rar - Archive
.svg - Vector image
.wav - Audio
.wmv - Video
.wma - Audio
.xls - Document Spreadsheet
.xlsx - Document Spreadsheet
.zip - Archive