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Disable Windows component with Hijackthis

Hijackthis is a free software that let you see all softwares, libraries that boot with Windows and disable any of these at need. This trick is pretty useful to help speed up a PC or clear some virus.

What to disable

The only way to know what you can disable is to read the name of each library or executable to find what software it belongs to. Searching on Google is a good trick if you have no clue. Hijackthis doesn't uninstall a thing, it can however cause problems to one of your softwares if you disable one of its files, which can in worst case force you to reinstall that software.

  1. Open Hijackthis
  2. Click on I Accept.
  3. Click on Do a system scan only.
  4. The list of all softwares, executables, libraries, extensions and else.. which starts with Windows are shown. To disable on of these in the list, you only need to put a check on it and click on Fix checked.