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Windows directory tree

Here is the location of many folders on your system and their purpose.
See directory tree to understand how it works.
Windows Vista, Windows 7

Users, C:Users
Desktop, C:Users(user)Desktop
Documents, C:Users(user)Documents
Music, C:Users(user)Music
Pictures, C:Users(user)Pictures
Videos, C:Users(user)Videos
Downloads, C:Users(user)Downloads
Software data and preferences, C:Users(user)AppData

Softwares, C:ProgramData
Windows, C:Windows
Fonts, C:WindowsFonts
Recycle Bin, C:$Recycle.Bin

Windows XP

Users, C:Documents and Settings
Desktop, C:Documents and Settings(user)Desktop
Documents, C:Documents and Settings(user)My documents
Music, C:Documents and Settings(user)Mes documentsMy music
Pictures, C:Documents and Settings(user)Mes documentsMy pictures
Software data and preferences, C:Documents and Settings(user)Application Data

Softwares, C:Program files
Windows, C:Windows
Fonts, C:WindowsFonts
Recycle Bin, C:RECYCLER