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Clean virus from a PC

A few tricks to effectively remove virus and spywares.

Quick trick

avast logo Do a virus scan with Avast
superantispyware logo Do a spyware scan with SuperAntiSpyware
malwarebytes logo Do a spyware scan with MalwareBytes

This trick is suitable if your computer is still booting, suggested antivirus and antispywares are free. If you don't experience success with those, it means that the virus defends itself and you will need to consider the ultimate trick.

Ultimate trick

kaspersky logo Do a virus scan with Kaspersky Rescue Disk

This trick is bulletproof. It succeeds where other tricks fails because it let you remove virus while Windows is shutdown and that they can't defent themselves. However, removing virus will not repair the damage that they may have caused. If for this reason this trick does not allow you to get a working computer, you must fallback to the latest solution.

Reinstalling your PC

windows logo Reinstall Windows
save icon Backup your PC

This trick is infallible but it is only required when a virus has caused damage that would be too complex to repair. You must first backup your documents so you don't lose them during the reinstallation.

Avoid virus in the future

After this bad time, see protect a PC from virus to know how to avoid these problems. You will learn with surprise that having an antivirus is the last thing you should think about.