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Check the status of your hard drive

Defect hard drives are one of the most important sources of problems, including performance problems.


On a external hard drive, some documents mey be impossible to open or may disappear. On an internal hard drive, the computer can become slow, sometimes without warning and it can even get almost unusable. It may also take more than 10 minutes to boot or not boot at all. You may also hear a metallic sound, "tic tic tic".

It is imperative to check the status of your hard drive if you see these symptoms, especially if your have no backup of your PC.


You need to know your operating system to continue.

ubuntu logo Check hard disk status with Ubuntu. (This trick works on any PC even if it doesn't boot anymore)
windows logo Check hard disk status with HDTunes on Windows.
mac logo Check hard disk status on Mac OS X.


If your hard drive is defect, you should immediately recover data and replace the hard drive.