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The Bugs

In fact we use the word "bug" with a little exaggeration. It must be stated clearly : there are more cases where the problem is between the screen and the chair then where the computer is actually at fault .. To resolve what we believe to be a bug, one should always start by clarifying this:

  1. What we thought would happen.
  2. What really happened.

With this single step, you may get a genius flash and then understand some obvious mistake you made. Or at the opposite, perhaps you will be able to better identify the source of the problem, which will greatly facilitate fixing it.

Your computer is not incomprehensible, it's just a matter of approach. When you face a problem, do not give in to panic and remember that there is an explanation somewhere! You might be surprised what you get to do with this attitude. Do not be afraid to ask yourself some questions!

The first thing to do is collect as much information as possible about the problem. It is not necessary to understand everything, but at least to know how to reproduce it and what exactly happens. Once you have this information, you need to start your quest for the solution.

Be logical

You do not have to learn everything about computers, these are just the complex mechanisms that obey simple rules, do not think the mechanism, consider the simple rules. Sometimes you can resolve many situations by simple tests and deduction. Ask yourself if there is another way to do what you don't get to do and see if it works. Sometimes just restarting the software or computer can get the situation better.

Search on Google

You should know that despite their experience, technicians do not have so many ways to develop a solution to a specific problem, in most cases the problem you are experiencing has already been met by many others. The reflex of a good technician confronted to a problem he does not know is to consult Google to see if someone has already posted a solution to this same problem. With this method, you can sometime quickly get by and thanks these generous people who share their success stories. If you have an error message, copy it and your search will be very effective.

Visit friends or a technician

If you have friends that are good in computers, this can be very useful to ask them their advice and to demonstrate the problem. Otherwise you can just make things simple and leave the problem to an expert, but what is interesting is that the more specific you are about the problem, the more likely you are to reduce the time needed to fix it. This might save you a few bucks and you will not feel like the dumbest newbie.

Popular bugs

Some bugs are very common. View popular bugs to see these types of bugs and their solutions.