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Browse a folder

In order to use files and folders, it is important to start by understanding how to browse them. Y
ou will find that no matter what type of computer you use, you have a folder somewhere named "document", "picture", "video", "download", etc.. These are folders where your computer suggest you to store your documents. 

These folders are themself folders in a folder in a folder of your PC. It is wise to use them for the simple reason that they are always at hand.

If you click on a folder to see its content, you will end up with options.


On the left, you have a series of shortcuts that can take you into the most common or useful folders.

On the right, you can see the files contained in the folder where you are and all details related to these files

At the top, you have a bar that shows you in which folder you are in and a myriad of options. Among these options, you have the possibility to change the way files are shown. The following text describes two of these.

Files and folders views

Detailed list view, is useful for large amount of files when you want to display them in a specific order (by name, by date, type, size) because you can click, for example, on the "Name" column and that will rank all the files by name in alphabetical order.

Thumbnails view, can be useful when you have pictures or videos that you could easily recognize at a glance. When they are displayed as thumbnails, you do not have to open each image to find the one you are searching for.