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Backup your Bitcoin wallet

Making a backup of your Bitcoin wallet is an excellent way to protect yourself against any computer problems. Should your computer crashes, you can still recover all your Bitcoins.

When to do a backup :  Since the wallet contains only the keys to your Bitcoin addresses, it is necessary to make a new backup only when you create a new Bitcoin address.

Encrypt before backup : It is best to encrypt your wallet before you save it so that anyone can use your wallet after stealing the CD, the USB or the computer where you choosed to store your Bitcoin backup.

The address book : It is important to mention that the wallet to not include your address book. If you also want to save it, you can do it seperately by exporting your address book.

  1. Open your Bitcoin software.
  2. Click on the menu File / Backup Wallet (at the top).
  3. Choose where you want to save your Bitcoin wallet backup in your computer. This backup is a simple file, that you can copy anywhere you want in your computer, on on a USB drive for example.